What locks should I have on my Front Door?

Once you have made sure that the door itself is secure you can start considering the types of locks you need to maximise the protection offered by a good solid door.

  • It is generally agreed that a nightlatch (commonly referred to as a Yale type lock) is not sufficient on it's own. and should accompany a British Standard 5 Lever Mortice deadlock. Both must conform to British Standard 3621 or the equivalent European Standard EN12209.  
  • The nightlatch and the deadlock should be fitted 45 to 60cm apart.  
  • When considering where to place your locks, our locksmiths have made a simple yet effective deduction. They think about where the average sized person can apply the most force to the door (either by shoulder, kicks or a tool) and they place the nightlatch above that point and the deadlock below.
  • The addition of a mortice door bolt to the top and bottom of the door will substantially increase resistance to a forced attack.

With regards to securing your property whilst it is occupied, opinions vary, depending on who you are speaking to. The Fire Brigade, for safety reasons, would recommend that the deadbolts are not engaged when the property is occupied as locating the keys to open the door could cause an unnecessary delay in the event of a fire.  Crime Prevention Officers, however, might not feel that a nightlatch on it's own is adequate and would recommend engaging the deadbolts to increase security as well as protect young children from wandering off. These are considerations that need to be made by the occupants of the property.

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