What can I do to make opening my front door safer?

The previous sections of this guide have all focused on ensuring you have the best front door security, both whilst you're away from the home or when you're asleep in your bed.

However, all of that security is compromised the second you open the door.   For your own personal safety when answering the door we recommend you add the following.  

  • spy hole/door viewer.  Door viewers allow you to see who it at the door before opening it.  It gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.      
  • security chain.  A security chain, whilst not a completely secure accessory, does allow you to deal with callers to your property face to face whilst still maintaining a certain level of security.


You should now have a perfectly safe front door.  Pop back soon to see more guides on Back Door Security, Patio Door Security, French Door Security and Window Security.




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