UPVC Door Handle Types


There are 4 types of multipoint handle as shown below:

Multipoint Lock Handles -Lever-Lever Multipoint Lock Handles -Lever-Pad Multipoint Lock Handles - Handles with Snib Multipoint Lock Handles - Adjustable Handles

Lever/Lever (L/L)

Lever/Lever handles consist of 2 moveable lever handles
Can be used with all but Key Wind Multipoint locks
Available inline or offset

Lever/Pad (L/P)

Lever/Pad handles consist of 1 lever  and 1 fixed or moveable pad
Fixed Pad handles are used with Key Wind Locks
A moveable pad is used with split or double spindle locks
Available inline or offset


Handle with snib

The snib can be used to activate or hold the latch back on the lock
Available as lever/lever or lever/pad


Adjustable Handles

Available in lever/lever only.
Features a plate that allows the lever to slide up or down to change the centres.


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