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In the Knowledge Centre we try to provide you with... well.... Knowledge really! Basically it's a place you can come to to find hints, tips, definitions and plenty of other stuff.

The list is alphabetical and is categorised by Product type (e.g Basic information about Nightlatches will be listed under N).  Hope you find something useful in here.

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Cylinders - Basic Information

Images of the different types of cylinder variants, how to choose the right size double cylinder and definitions of the anti pick, anti drill, anti bump and anti snap features.

Cylinder Lockcases- Types of Cylinder Lockcases 

Images showing the different types of Cylinder Lockcases available. 

Cylinder Lockcases - Taking Measurements 

A schematic showing the exact measurement points. 

Cylinders - Choosing the Right Length

Diagrams and and an explanation of how to measure your cylinder. 



Door Closers - Their features and what it means.

An explanation of  the different features of door closers with diagrams.

Door Closers - Types of Door Closers

Images of the different types of door closers and a brief explanation of their applications.

Door Handles - Basic Information

Schematics of different types of door handles, how to measure them and when to use them.  

Document Links

Links to view documents referred to on this site. 






Front Door Locks - Identifying and finding the right Front Door Lock  

A guide to finding the right lock for your Front Door or Back Door. 



Cylinders - Basic Information


A glossary of lock/locksmithing terms. 









Latch Reversal Guide

Instructions on how to reverse the latch or most multipoint door locks.

How do I secure my Front Door Letterbox?


What is a Mortice Lock?

Mortice Locks - Basic Information 

A look at the internal workings of a mortice lock and the different types of mortice locks available.

Mult ipoint Locks - Alternatives to Discontinued products 

A guide to the possible alternatives for discontinued locks.

Multi point Locks - Identifying Your Multi point Lock 

A comprehensive guide to identifying your existing lock.

Multi point/UPVC Door Lock Manufacturers Guide

A collection of images of the centre cases/gearboxes of all the current multipoint locks for sale on this site to help you identify the manufacturer of your existing lock.

How to measure your multipoint lock handles

Diagram and description of the measurements required to identify your mulitpoint lock handle


What is a nightlatch? 

Nightlatches - Basic Information

A schematic of a nightlatch with it's parts labelled.  Also a brief explanation of the different nightlatch options.

Nightlatches - Deadlocking vs Non-Deadlocking

 A quick run through the difference between Deadlocking Nightlatches and Non-Deadlocking Nightlatches 




Padlocks - Basic Information 

A schematic of the different measurements of a padlock and an explanation of the different types available




What is a rimlock? 




Technical Specification Sheets


UPVC Door Handle Types

A guide to the different types of door handles commonly used on double glazed UPVC or composite doors that feature a multipoint lock. 




Window Handles - Types 

Schematic representation of the different types of window handles available.  

Window Handles - How to Measure Them

A guide to taking measurements of window handles.

Window Espags - How to identify them

How to identify and measure your window espagnolette. 







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