How to Identify your Front Door Lock

So you need some help in finding a Front Door Lock?  Well it's easy enough. 

Just answer these 3 questions and we'll guide you in the right direction.



Open the door and look at the edge. Does the lock run the entire length/most of the length of the door?

Note: If you have a UPVC door answer yes to this question. 


Please see our  Multipoint Door Locks Section.  It's packed with options and features our easy to use Refine Search Function to help you find exactly what you need.  


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 2. Is the lock morticed (chiselled into the door) or is it mounted on the surface?

Mounted on the surface of the door

Chances are high you need to be looking at our range of Night Latches. They are by far the most common Surface mounted Locks currently in use on Front Doors. 


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 3. Do you have moveable handles that operate a latch when pressed down as well as a bolt that is operated by a key?


You need to be looking at the Front Door Sash Lock Section.


You need to be looking at the Front Door Deadlock Section.


Note:  If you are looking to replace your front door lock with the exact model you currently have, you may not find it in the Sections above.  The locks in these sections are those that we recommend for external door use.  We do recommend that you consider replacing all Front Door Sash Locks and Front Door Dead Locks with a British Standard 5 Lever version.  Adjustment may be required to install these new locks, but the improved security they offer is worth the effort.


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