Window Espags - How to identify them!

Follow these steps to identify your window espagnolette.

1) Check the faceplate for any markings or brand names.

2) Is the gearbox inline or offset?

Inline Window Espagnolette (espag)

Offset Window Espagnolette (espag)

Inline Espag

Offset Espag

2) Measure the Backset - This is the distance between the front of the faceplate (including the faceplate) and the centre of the spindle.

3) Measure the overall length of the espag.    

Window Espagnolette (espag) - Measurements

4) Identify what types of locking points you require and measure the distance between the outer locking points. 

Types of Espag Locking Points - Mushroom

Types of Espag Locking Points - Roller

Types of Espag Locking Points - Tongue




5)      Measure the width of the faceplate and determine it's shape. 

Types of Espag Faceplates - Flat Faceplate

Types of Espag Faceplates - U-Rail Faceplate

Flat Faceplate

U-Rail Faceplate

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