How do I secure my Front Door Letterbox?

Most of us have a letterbox aperture in our front doors and in most cases it's the most reliable and convenient way to receive our post.  The fact of the matter is that letterboxes present a risk to your security.

Locksmiths routinely use letterbox apetures to gain access for people who have been locked out of their properties.  It's a fast and simple operation and criminals are equally skilled at it.  Below are a few tips to make sure your letterbox is not the glaring hole in your otherwise perfect front door.

  • The letter plate aperture should not be positioned less than 400mm from the door lock and should never be fitted to the bottom rail of the door.
  • To prevent criminals gaining access through the letterplate add a letter plate hood.
  • Adding a letter cage is also an option but police recommend you remove the bottom and allow the post to fall to the floor to prevent mail theft.  

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