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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mortice Lock?

A mortice lock refers to a lock that is designed to be set into the thickness of one edge of a door rather than mounted on the surface of the door.  A hole is cut into the edge of the door where the lock is set and held in place with screws.

What does "Centres" mean?

"Centres" is a measurement term and means 'The distance between the centre of the spindle hole and the centre of the keyway'. (See B on the diagram above). This measurement is only seen on sashlocks and is typically 57mm.

What is the "Backset"?

"Backset" is also a measurement term and refers to the distance between the faceplate and the centre of the keyhole. (See A on the diagram above). This measurement is seen on all mortice locks and is the most critical measurement. 

What are Levers and how many should a lock have?

Levers are the flat shaped movable detainers found inside the lock casing. The higher the number of levers, generally, the higher the security of the lock.  Locks with less than 5 levers should never be used to secure external doors.

What is the difference between a British Standard 5 Lever Lock and a non-B/S 5 Lever Lock?  

British Standard 5 Lever locks must comply with BS3621 which requires that thet meet the 10 stringent clauses of the specification.  These include a 20mm bolt throw and anti-drill plates.  All locks that carry the BS3621 Kitemark meet the standards set by Insurance Companies and the Police and are suitable for use on external timber doors. Most other 5 Lever locks only feature a bolt between 14 and 16mm long and offer a lower level of security.  They are recommended for use on internal doors only.

What are 2 lever and 3 lever locks used for?

2 and 3 Lever Mortice locks offer a much lower level of security than 5 Lever locks and should only ever be used on internal doors where security is not a requirement. E.g Bedrooms

What is a rollerbolt sashlock?

A rollerbolt sashlock  features a rollerbolt in place of the more conventional latch.  They are handy in the sense  that they do not need to be reversed when fitting.

What is a sliding mortice lock?

A sliding mortice lock is designed for use on sliding doors.  It features hooks or clawbolts rather than deadbolts.

What is a Bathroom Mortice Lock?

A Bathroom Motice Lock is a lock that is specifically designed to be used with a privacy turn which allows the door to be locked from the inside by a thumbturn and often features an engaged indicator on the outside.

What is a horizontal mortice lock?

A horizontal mortice lock features a larger backset than standard locks and is often used when the keyhole is parallel to the handle or knob.  

What is an Escape Lock?

An escape lock is a lock that features an emergency exit option, either in the form of a turn or lever on the inside.

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