Door Closers - Types of Door Closers

Types of Door Closers




Concealed Door Closer

Overhead Door Closer

Slide Arm Door Closer

Concealed Door closers are morticed into the door making them discreet and less vulnerable to vandalism.  

The overhead door closer is by far the most popular and, as such, has a much wider range of options and specifications.

Slide arm closers offer an efficient linear closing force and are particularly suitable for use  in schools and hospitals where pivot arm closers are not suitable.




Transom Closer Electromagnetic Door Closer Floor Spring Door Closer

A transom closer is a concealed closer that is fitted to the transom above the door frame rather than to the door.

Electromagnet Door Closers can be connected to a building electronic fire and security systems.      

Floor springs are set into the floor on the hinge side of a door and are most commonly used to automatically close glass doors. 


For details on the various features of Door Closers see Door Closers - Their features and what it means

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