Cylinders - Basic Information

Cylinders are often referred to as barrel locks and are used in conjunction with another locking mechanism such as a padlock or cylinder lock case.   

They are available in 5 main variants:


 Rim Cylinder

Rim Cylinders are so called as they are always used in conjunction with a Rim Nightlatch. They are generally the same size and in most cases any Rim Cylinder should fit a standard Nightlatch. 

 EURO PROFILE Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Euro profile cylinders are available as Half Cylinders and as Double Cylinders. Half Euro Profile Cylinders are generally used in padlocks or on doors where key locking is required on one side only. Double Cylinders are available as  Key & Key or Key & Thumbturn. Key & Key Cylinders are operated on both sides by a key.  Key and Thumbturn Cylinders are operated by key on the outside and thumbturn on the inside. 

Oval Profile Double Cylinder 


Oval Cylinders are also available as Half Cylinders and as Double Cylinders.  Half Oval Cylinders are not used in Padlocks but still apply for use where key locking is required on one side of the door only.  They are not as widely used as the Euro Profile Cylinders and the range is smaller.  The Oval Double Cylinders are also available as Key & Key or Key and Thumbturn.  
Oval Key & Key Cylinders are operated on both sides by a key. Oval Key and Thumbturn Cylinders are operated by key on the outside and thumbturn on the inside.

Swedish Profile Cylinder

Also known as Scandinavian Cylinders, Swedish Oval Cylinders are commonly used in government premises, detention centres and hostels.  They are used in conjunction with  Assa, Abloy and Fire Escape Locks. 


Screw In Cylinders are for use with Screw In Cylinder Lockcases used on metal doors. 




























To find out how to measure your Euro Profile or Oval Cylinder see Choosing The Right Cylinder  

Cylinder Features:

 Anti Pick, Drill, Snap & Bump Image






Cylinders that have anti pick defence have mushroom pins and protected keyways to reduce a cylinders susceptibility to picking

 Cylinders featuring hardened pins offer higher levels of resistance to attack by drilling.  Often hard plate TCT drill bits will be required to defeat the cylinder

 Cylinders with anti snap defence typically feature a shear line at the from of the cylinder and reinforcement at the weakest point below the cam.  On attack, the cylinder breaks at the shear line rather than the cam, leaving the cylinder protected by 2 or 3 pins.

Cylinders with bump resistance offer higher protection against attack by manipulation with a cut down key used to "bump" pins into place. 




BSI Kitemark

Kitemark cylinders have been tested by the BSI and meet the requirements of EN1303:2005 incorporating BS 3621 and PAS24 

 Secured by design

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime'. Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.


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