Cylinder Lockcases - Types of Cylinder Lockcases


Cylinder lockcases are available in 4 different cylinder variations:

These are Euro Profile Cylinder cases, Oval Cylinder Cases, Dual Profile Cylinder cases and Screw in Cylinder cases.  See the images below to help you identify you lockcase.  Once you have identified the type case you need, click on the heading to go straight to that section.


Euro Cylinder Case Oval Cylinder Case 
For use with Euro Profile cylinders only.  These are by far the most common and are used widely.    For use with Oval Cylinders only. There is a limited range of Oval Cylinders available.
  Euro Profile Cylinder Cases  Oval Cylinder Lockcases
Dual Cylinder Case (Euro/Oval)  Screw In Cylinder Case 
 For use with either Euro or Oval Cylinders. The range of Dual Profile Loccases is limited.  

 For use with Screw In Cylinders only.  These are predominantly used on Metal Door Lockcases. 

 Dual Profile Cylinder Lockcases  Screw In Cylinder Case














Not sure what measurements are what?  See Cylinder Lockcases - Taking Measurements 


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