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Top 10 Burglary Hotspots of 2013

Monday, 27 January 2014  |  Toni

It's that time of year again.  The time of year when release the stats for Burglary Hotspot of the year.

This year, the dubious title of Burglary Hotspot of 2013 is awarded to Manchester's M21 Barlow Moor and Chorlton-cum-Hardy postcode which saw 45.2 theft claims per 1000 insurance quote enquiries over the last 12 months.

Second place is taken by London's SE24 postcode at 41.8 claims and third goes to London's N10 postcode which saw 40.9 claims.

The top 3 show an alarming upward trend considering last year Leeds' LS13 postcode took 1st place with a total of a much lower 34.8 claims per 1000 enquiries.

Even 4th place winner, RM8 postcode, which clocked in at 35.9 claims is  still higher than last years top spot winner.  It's only when we get to this years 5th place, London's N2 that we see the figures levelling out.

Liverpool takes 6th & 7th spot with its L18 and L22 postcodes registering 32.6 and 33.3 claims respectively.

8th, 9th and 10th all go to London with the N18 postcode making 32.3 claims, UB6 making 30.9 & SE27 making 30.5 claims.

The statistics show an increase in the risk of burglary in London as this year it has taken 7 of the top 10 spots, up from 5 last year.

On the other end of the spectrum, RG24, EX39, YO25, BT28, PL9, SA18, CF39, IP11 & PA16 all showed 0 burglary claims over the last year.  Whilst that is a good thing it is also, unfortunately, a reduction on last years figures which showed a total of 16 claim-free postcodes.

The fact of the matter is that burglary appears to be on the increase across the country so remember to make sure all windows and doors are properly secured, including garages and sheds.  If you're unsure have a reputable locksmith call round to assess your security.  Avoid bad habits like leaving car keys in plain sight or leaving house keys in doors or lying around. Don't leave old newspapers and mail lying around outside, it makes a house look unoccupied and an unoccupied house is a perfect target for opportunist thieves.

Don't make a victim of yourself.  Live safe! 


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