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Top 10 Burglary Hotspots of 2014

1 CommentFriday, 23 January 2015  |  Toni

Postcodes in London and it's surrounding areas storm into first place, taking 14 out of the top 20 Burglary Hotspots in Britain. Areas of West Yorkshire slide into second with 4, whilst West Yorkshire and Manchester trail with 1 spot each.   

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Dagenham RM8

Figures released today reveal that the RM8 postcode of Beacontree and Dagenham is the most likely place to get burgled in Britain.  With 55 out of every 1000 insurance quotes having made a claim, this area has taken the dubious top spot for 2014.  This is up from 4th place in last years figures.


A very close second place is claimed by the IG2 postcode of Gants Hill, Newbury Park and Alborough Hatch with 54.9 claims per 1000. This is a surprise since this area did not even feature in last years Top 20.


Third place goes to the M21 postcode of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy and Barlow Moor who have dropped from first place last year.  This is not a cause for celebration, however as the figure has risen from 45.2 per 1000 to 51.8.

With 48.3 claims per 1000, the DN2 postcode of Intake, Wheatley & Wheatley Hills in South Yorkshire takes fourth place.  Fifth goes to E18 of Woodford & South Woodford with  48.2 claims.

In sixth and seventh place are RM11 of Hornchurch, Emerson Park and Ardleigh with 47.1 claims and the affluent TW11 of Teddington, Fulwell and Bushey park with 47.1 respectively.  Again, two postcodes that did not feature on last years list.

Also, not on last years list but taking eighth, ninth and tenth this year are BD2 with 46.9, EN4 with 45.5 and IG3 with 44.

Again we are seeing a startling rise in the overall figures.   This years top spot is 9.8 claims per 1000 higher that last years top spot which, itself, was 11 claims higher than the previous years figure of 34.8. Alarmingly, it's only when we get to 10th place on this years figures that the number of claims drops below last years top spot place of 45.2.

As a sharp contrast to the ever rising figures above, the areas least likely to be burgled have also been released.  It's good news for those north of the border, with Scotland taking 5 of the Top 10.

With a fantastic 0 claims per 1000,  DD2, DG1, G83, IP11 and LL57 have all tied for first place. Followed by CA28 with 1.3, BT48 with 1.36 and PH2 & BT41, both with only 1.51.  Finally we have FK7 with 1.59 claims.

Despite such reassuring figures across some parts of the country, it's clear burglaries are on the up so please remember to check that all your windows and doors are properly secured, including garages and sheds.  If you're unsure, have a reputable locksmith call round to assess your security.  Avoid bad habits like leaving car keys in plain sight or leaving house keys in doors or lying around. Don't leave old newspapers and mail lying around outside, it makes a house look unoccupied and an unoccupied house is a perfect target for opportunist thieves.

Once again, don't be a victim.  Live safe! 

Dave Tovee
Friday, 23 January 2015  |  16:27

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