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Portable Beach Safe

Friday, 26 July 2013  |  Joy

Portable Beach Safe>




Since the invention of the Smart Phone and my inability to move more than a few feet away from home without carrying mine with me, things have been difficult when on holiday, especially when swimming because someone always had to stay behind to watch the valuables, or we were forced to leave it all in the hotel room safe. Not Ideal!

So you can imagine my absolute glee when Martin came home with this wonderful little treasure.

As you can see it fits a lot more than my iPhone, I’ve had it on the beach with both our passports, iPhones and watches locked safely inside. There are slots on either side of the unit for a cable to pass through so we're able to leave our phones charging in the room while we go to breakfast, locked inside the safe and tied to the radiator.

The locking cable is extremely strong, thin and long enough to make securing it to most things very easy, we haven’t come across a situation where it’s been impossible to secure it.

It has a four(4) number combination lock that’s hidden by a rubber cover to protect the mechanism. The cable tucks neatly away into a groove around the outside of the unit.

All in all we rate it as a "Must Have" on the beach this summer.

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