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Phone Entry System

Thursday, 1 August 2013  |  Joy

A friend of mine told me that yesterday she was so hot she sat herself down in her lounge in front of the fan dressed only in a vest and panties. Of course as life would have it, someone knocked on her front door! She had a real dilemma deciding whether to run past the front door (where she would be seen) and into her bedroom to fetch her trousers, or just ignore the knock! She decided to ignore it and much to her disappointment it turned out that it had been a very good friend whom she would not have minded seeing her in her pants, calling to inviting her to go swimming with them!

I told her about my Phone Entry System and how she could have answered the door from the privacy of her lounge by way of the little telephone mounted on the wall. She ordered one from me there and then and says she can't wait for unwanted callers to buzz her so she can have a fun with humorous greetings.

The one illustrated here is the bottom of the range, they come in all sizes with and without cameras.

I would not be happy without mine! Having to open the door without any barrier to protect me from would be criminals is not a fantasy, it's happening more and more all around the world!  

Very easy to install ......  



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