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Panic Rooms: Should You Have One In Your Home?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014  |  OLS Staffer

Photo: Front door with sidelites and transom.Panic rooms are most commonly used as a way to escape during a break-in or home invasion in order to keep you and your family safe until law enforcement comes. There is a variety of features that a panic room should have if you are having your home built. The question is: do you need one?

Consider the Merit of Various Threats

There are all sorts of threats that a panic room can protect you from. If someone breaks into your house or there is a home invasion, the room will give you someplace safe to wait it out until help comes. There will be communication equipment inside the room so that you can get help from within those four walls.

When you have the panic room built, it should be sturdy enough that damage to your home will not cause any damage to the safe room. Some people will use a panic room for other things – including protection from hurricanes and other storms.

Consider how safe your neighborhood is. If you are in a gated community that doesn’t have a high break-in rate, it may not be necessary to take such precautions. However, if you are a high profile person where there have or could be threats made against your life, the added precaution may be warranted.

It is a decision that only you can make. Knowing about the crime in your neighborhood and even the number of storms can help you make a more educated decision. 

Customizing Your Home

A custom home is going to allow you to get various rooms in your house that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get. Think about whether you actually need a panic room that locks from the outside. If you think this is an important feature for your safety and the safety of your family, then talk to an architect about getting it added to the floor plan.

When you buy a home, it should meet all of your needs. Just as you may want a gourmet kitchen or a home office with a large window, it may be important to have a panic room. Features that you may want to include in the panic room include:

- Sound proof walls

- Large enough for 3-4 people

- Tamper-proof

- Wi-Fi enabled

All of these features are important to consider because you want it to be as strong as you need – and ensure that it is able to accommodate all that you may need to bring into the room with you. If you have a family of six or seven, then you would need a room that is large enough for all of this. You may also want the Wi-Fi as well as electrical components to be able to call out for help and stay comfortable and entertained until help is on the way.

At the end of the day, only you can determine whether you need a panic room or not. If you are building a custom home and you think that there may be a threat on your life or a home invasion in the future, it can be a worthwhile investment to discuss with the architect or homebuilder.

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