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Love Locks - When a simple padlock becomes a statement of eternal love!

Thursday, 23 January 2014  |  Toni

Since 2000 the Love Locks phenomenon has swept the globe.  From Canada to New Zealand and Russia to Chile, thousands of couples have placed padlocks on bridges, gates, railings and other public fixtures to symbolise their love for each other.

China huangshan love-locks metal post IMG 2866 Huangshan love locks railing

The origin of love locks is not definitive and the reasons for the ritual varies from place to place.  Some people believe that they started after a couple threw themselves off some cliffs in the Huangshan Mountains in eastern China.  

Rome, the reason for the ritual has been clearly attributed to the 1992 book Three Meters Above the Sky by Italian author Frederico Moccia.

In Serbia, love locks have been traced back to before World War II when, it is said, a young school mistress named Nada from Vrnjačka Banja died of a broken heart after her lover, Relja abandoned her after falling in love with another woman whilst at war in Greece. Young girls from Vrnjačka Banja, wanting to protect themselves from the same fate, started attaching padlocks inscribed with theirs and their lovers names to the bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet.

Whatever, the origin, it seems couples all over the world have embraced this declaration of love and the practice continues to grow.   

Padlocks sign nseoultower  Tumski Bridge Wroclaw love locks 03


Paris - Pont des Arts - PA00085998 - 005 Old Love Padlock - Pont des Arts - Paris


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