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How NOT to lock up your bike!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013  |  Toni

Now we all know that not everyone in the world is a genius, but just how little common sense has been applied in the examples below will surprise you.  As the despair for the future of the human race human race sweeps over you, just remember that without idiots, we wouldn't have amusing posts like this!  

Bike bollard 

Yeah... that'll fox em! 

Bike bollard 2 

  Good Lock, nice bike... pity about the rider!

Leather chaiin 

It's the thought that counts...right? 

Basket Bike 

Only a good idea if your bike thief is a granny with a small dog! 

Sign Bike 

Yep...I'll slip it around this super lightweight sign... that'll keep it safe!

Wire chain 

Bike thieves don't carry wire cutters. Do they?

Wheels Lock up 

 It was a good plan... right up to the point that is wasn't!

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