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Everyone loves Spring... including Burglars!

Friday, 1 May 2015  |  Toni
burglar wall

So it's Spring!  Finally!  We all heave a great sigh of relief and start planning our new improved outdoor life. We brave the spiders in the shed and haul out the gardening equipment, outdoor furniture and barbecue, vowing this year to clean it all before we put it away!

We uncover and unchain the bikes, ready for those lazy Sunday bike rides and unleash the children and their toys on the garden.  It's going to be perfect!

Well it can be, as long as you remember that Springtime brings out more than just your neighbours blinding white legs and fields of frolicking lambs.  

We're talking about thieves.  With all those goodies you just reintroduced to the world, your garden is a treasure trove! The warmer temperatures mean that there are more people out and about who might just chance upon your garden and see it as an opportunity.

According to a report carried out over a number of years by the insurance provider Aviva, thefts from gardens increase by 20% in the Spring.  So make sure you don't become a victim by following a few simple steps.

Pack Up

Pack things away.  Don't leave things out in the garden to tempt thieves.  Tools, bikes, barbecues, trampolines and kids toys are all money makers to a dishonest person.

Lock Up

Check the locks on your shed, garage and gates.  Replace any rusty or faulty locks and make sure that it's all locked up tight at the end of the day. Make sure fence posts and panels are sound and replace any that could offer easy access.

Cover Up 

Cover up bulkier items like garden furniture to keep it away from prying eyes.  In some areas it might even be wise to chain tables and chairs together.  It's easy to steal them one by one but less so when they come as a set!


If your Summer is going to be less than perfect make sure it's because of the British weather and not because of theft!  Keep Safe! 


Update:  Just in from Ryan our Co Owner and Master Locksmith - Don't forget that gardening equipment left lying around can also be used to gain entry to your home.  Another good reason to tidy it away. 

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