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Carpet Thief

1 CommentThursday, 10 October 2013  |  Toni

Man jailed for 12 months for stealing his neighbours carpet. 

Carpet Thief Cartoon

Last week a Lowestoft man was jailed for 12 months for stealing his neighbours carpet. In a dazzling display of criminal master-mindery, he then relaid the carpet in his own home....5 doors away.

The 26 year old man, smashed a bathroom window and entered the property where he ripped up the carpet and underlay worth 726.  He also stole a television, a remote control and some other items.  

Police were alerted when a neighbour heard suspicious noises coming from the property and called the owner, who then alerted the police. They caught up with and arrested the man after a latex glove containing his DNA was found at the scene. 

Carpet theft is not unheard of.  There has been at least one other case reported in the US.




Thursday, 10 October 2013  |  15:18

Ha ha ha Brilliant, I love the video it brings home how ludicrous the burglar was ha ha ha

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