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8 Myths about Locks

1 CommentTuesday, 14 January 2014  |  Toni

1.      No one can make a copy of your high security key

Whist it's true that no locksmith should make a copy of your registered High Security key without the proper card being presented, the truth is that if the Locksmith has the blank (uncut key) and the machinery, they can duplicate your key.  Always keep your keys safe, just to be sure.

2.      You have to change your locks if you lose your keys

Most higher spec locks can be re-pinned (in the case of cylinders) or have new levers installed (in the case of mortice locks).  It often works out much cheaper than buying a whole new lock.  Ask your local locksmith if it is a service they offer.

3.      Only big name brands like Yale offer quality locks

Buying a cheaper alternative does not necessarily mean that you are compromising on quality.  Some locks are even manufactured in the same factory as the big name locks but are simply packaged differently.  Ask your Locksmith for the best value lock.

4.      Bump proof and pick proof locks are a fallacy

Whilst most High Security locks are, at best, pick or bump resistant, some locks are completely immune to picking or bumping techniques.  These, however, are premium locks and come with a matching price tag.  

5.      A master key will open any lock

A master key will only open all the locks within a certain Master System.  For instance; a landlord for a block of flats could have a master system that allows his tenants to open the main entry door and their individual flat door with a single key, however not allow them to open each others doors.  He would then have a master key that opens all the flat doors as well as the main door.

6.      A Locksmith will pick your lock if you lock yourself out

Despite what the movies lead us to believe, picking a lock is tricky and takes time.  A properly experienced locksmiths could pick a lock if required but most of them will simply drill out your old lock and replace it.  Asking for a non-destructive entry could cost you more than if you simply replace the locks so choose wisely.

7.     Calling a Locksmith is expensive

The locksmiths charges will depend on the type of work that needs to be carried out and the materials required.  For a simple lockout though, you should not be charged the moon on a stick.  If you're locked out of your house, be wise, and still shop around.  Some Locksmiths will take advantage of the fact that you are in a bind and charge hefty call out charges or inflate the price of the replacement locks.  Always find out a base price before you agree to anything and try to get a maximum price too.  Honest locksmiths should not have a problem telling you what the most expensive lock on the market is. Our locksmiths, for example, charge a call out of £60 + VAT (£80.00 Out of Hours) plus the cost of replacing the locks.  

8.      Good quality locks do not need maintenance 

All locks need to be serviced.  Moisture, dust and wear and tear can all effect the performance of your locks.  To prevent any sudden failure which could necessitate a more costly emergency call out, arrange to have a locksmith call round once a year to service your locks.      

De Mama
Tuesday, 14 January 2014  |  22:16

Brilliant information, we all need to know things like this ....

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